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Protecting Your Children from Addiction

What were you stressed about when you were in eighth grade? I remember worrying about rushing home after school to check the score of the Cleveland Indians game. I was also anxious to get my homework done before Good Times, M*A*S*H or The Jeffersons came on one of the three …

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Beating America’s Last Stigma

It’s not unusual for strangers to start talking to me as if we’ve already met. In a way, I guess we have. “You’re the guy from TV, right?” they’ll say. “Yep, that’s me,” I reply. If they look hesitant, I’ll add something like, “Did you see I only got second …

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Ohio Legislators Take Action

As an organization that works with some of the most vulnerable among us, it is important to Meridian HealthCare to recognize that just providing a service is not enough. While our services are important, they’re only a small part of our obligation. It’s critical that we also include education and …

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Sharing Stories Can Turn Despair Into Hope

In 1935, a Wall Street golden boy by the name of Bill W., who had been dealing with his addiction to alcohol, met Dr. Bob at a mutual friend’s house in Akron, Ohio. Bill W. shared his story of alcoholism, and soon Dr. Bob opened up to him about his …

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The Double Standard of Addiction

You know the story. You see movie stars do it. You see professional athletes do it. And more and more often, you see prominent politicians do it. They have a run-in with the law, are caught in a humiliating public incident or use horrendously poor judgment and say something totally …

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