Partnership Brings TED-style Talks to the Valley

We’ve heard a lot the past few years about TED Talks (Technology, Education, Design) — and with good reason. They’ve brought a lot of expert commentary and discussion to millions on a seemingly limitless number of interesting topics.

With the variety of issues we face in the Mahoning Valley — in particular, those relating to behavioral health, culture and community — it seemed only natural to give this concept a local spin. And now, thanks to a partnership between Meridian HealthCare and the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County, that’s exactly what has happened.

Debuting this week, and continuing each month thereafter, is our series entitled “Now You Know: Trending Topic Talks About Family, Health and Lifestyle Issues.”

Why “Now You Know”? We wanted a name that was catchy but also informative. We’d like to think that once you leave these talks, you’ll be well-informed and have the information that you came for.

The impetus behind the creation of this series is simple: we get a lot of questions at Meridian HealthCare — when we’re out in the community or from those who visit our facilities. Those who ask might have seen a news story, or just heard people talking about an issue going on in their community. They don’t always know all the details, and are looking to learn more.

We wanted to find a way to bring them that information and help answer their questions. We have so many experts available in our community who have valuable insights they can impart, and we wanted to provide a way for them to connect with area residents and talk about the issues that affect them.

Since the purpose of Now You Know is to help educate the community, make them more informed, and give them tools and action steps to get involved, the Library seemed to be the perfect partner for this endeavor, as they have similar goals. As a Mahoning Valley institution for more than a century, the Library is well-respected and seen as a beacon of information and community involvement. Meridian will always want to align ourselves with partners like this.

The Library will host the Now You Know series at its various branches and help get the word out to Mahoning Valley residents.

As we moved forward together in creating the Now You Know series, our goals became more specific. We wanted to:

  1. Increase awareness of each issue
  2. Foster understanding — the root causes, what happens, how it progresses
  3. Outline the options — for getting help, working together, forming groups, etc.

We’re very excited about this new series, and we encourage you to visit to learn more.