Insights & Inspiration Series #3 – “Home”

Family life can be enriched for every member if we work to make home a place where everyone can feel safe, protected and comfortable.

In each episode of the Insights & Inspiration Series, Larry Moliterno, CEO of Meridian HealthCare gives you a glimpse of the thoughts, motivations and emotions that you react to every day. With a new understanding of yourself and others you will be inspired to deal with life, recovery and the other challenges you face.

The mission of Meridian HealthCare is eliminating addiction. It works toward that mission everyday by offering extensive treatment options, primary medical care, behavioral healthcare therapy and counseling.

Meridian HealthCare also provides the Mahoning Valley and surrounding areas with extensive Prevention programming and services. The professionals at Meridian believe that if you can protect your from car accidents and other risks, you should be able to protect them from drug addictions.

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