Girard Recovery Court

Eligibility Requirements
  • Misdemeanor offenders who appear in Girard Municipal Court.
  • Suffer from a drug or alcohol program.
  • Must have the desire to seek treatment for a drug/alcohol addiction.
  • Average length of program is 12 months.
  • Successful completion leads to dismissal of charges.

Mahoning County Common Pleas Drug Court

Eligibility Requirements
  • Pending non-violent felony.
  • Must not have had a prior conviction for a violent offense.
  • Must have the desire to seek help for a drug/alcohol addiction.
  • Average length of program is 12-24 months.

Family Dependency Treatment Courts (FDTC)

FDTC is a court docket for cases of child abuse or neglect in which parent substance abuse and/or mental health is a contributing factor.

  • Judges, attorneys, child protection services and treatment personnel unite with the goal of providing safe, nurturing and permanent homes for children.
  • Provide parents with the necessary support and services they need to become drug- and alcohol-abstinent.
  • Aid parents or guardians in regaining control of their lives, and promote long-term stabilized recovery to enhance the possibility of family reunification within mandatory legal timeframes.

Juvenile Specialty Court Programs

Department of Youth Services Re-entry Program (DYS)

  • TASC works with all youth returning to the county who have previously been sentenced to a state facility for youth.  TASC assists in re-integration and offers referrals to needed services in the community.  This is a joint project with the state parole, the courts, and TASC.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group (CBT)

  • TASC teaches a CBT group in detention for youth that are placed on this specific unit by a Judge or Magistrate. TASC recognizes that youth with substance use or mental health issues benefit from this type of intervention.