Refer to TASC

What are the advantages of referring an offender to TASC?
  • TASC completes a comprehensive bio-psycho social assessment
  • Treatment agencies accept the TASC assessment, thus speeding up entrance into treatment
  • Clients are referred to the appropriate level of care at the appropriate agency
  • TASC completes assessments in the Mahoning County Justice Center and the Juvenile Justice Center
  • TASC follows clients through all levels of care and multiple treatment agencies
  • TASC provides structure and support from jail to aftercare
Referrals to TASC can come from the following:
  • Municipal Courts
  • County Courts
  • Common Pleas Court
  • Mahoning County Juvenile Court
  • Adult Parole Authority
  • County Probation Officers
  • Children’s Services
  • Department of Youth Services
  • Attorney
  • Law Enforcement
  • Self-referral (as long as there is criminal justice involvement or Medicaid-eligible)

For referral information and referral forms, call 330-743-2192, ext. 101