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What We Treat

Meridian programs address alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems (which are often co-occurring with these issues), and problem gambling. Every individual who turns to Meridian HealthCare for help receives a thorough assessment by our intake experts. Then he or she is placed in a treatment program that is most appropriate for their situation.

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Who We Treat

Meridian HealthCare programs provide a full spectrum of treatment for youth and young adults, men and women, and families. Depending upon need, participants may be enrolled in residential, long-term care, outpatient or short-term care programs. A specialized residential program is available for homeless veterans who suffer from addiction and mental health problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know it works? Recovery by Meridian works when others fail because we have the most medical and non-medical treatment options. No one offers a more comprehensive approach to treating addiction than Meridian. Our programs encompass multiple disciplines, and we customize a treatment plan for each patient that exactly meets his or her need...

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