Meridian HealthCare Receives a $68,074 Grant from The Youngstown Foundation for Renovation Project

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO – The Youngstown Foundation has awarded a $68,074 grant to Meridian HealthCare that will cover the cost to excavate and repave Meridian’s South Campus parking lot – part of an ongoing renovation project.

Meridian’s largest housing facility, Meridian’s South Campus, located at 550 Chalmers Ave in Youngstown, needed major renovations due to building age and the typical wear and tear.  One major issue that needed to be addressed was the replacement of all current windows, many of which are original to the building.  Another major concern of this site was the parking lot, which was very uneven and has a lot of large cracks and potholes.  In order to prevent injuries, the whole lot needed to be excavated and repaved.

“We are extremely grateful to the Youngstown Foundation for this generous grant,” stated Meridian’s HealthCare’s Board President, Bill Padisak. “With a safer and more comfortable environment, patients aren’t subjected to unnecessary stress or distractions and can focus on their treatment and moving towards recovery and overall better health.”

Meridian’s South Campus offers several different programs to people in the community including inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, primary care, a centering program for pregnant women with Mercy Health, and residential services.  The building serves between 300-400 individuals a year.  All of the improvements made to this facility increase the safety, comfort level, and wellbeing of the patients and residents who live there, allowing them to focus on their recovery and long term needs instead of the safety and other unnecessary burdens. Meridian also received support from Youngstown Councilman Mr. Julius T. Oliver, who oversees the First Ward, where the facility is located.

“This project reflects our ongoing commitment to not only the patients we serve but to the community and the neighborhoods we do business in,” shared Meridian’s President and CEO, Larry Moliterno.

The Youngstown Foundation is the fourth-oldest community foundation in the country. It is a locally administered, not-for-profit 501(C)(3) organization awarding about $6 million in grants annually. The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance to charitable, scientific and educational institutions that promote the mental, moral, and physical well-being of the inhabitants of the City of Youngstown and vicinity.