Drug Treatment Centers Embrace Recovery

SOURCE: The Business Journal

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Dealing with those suffering from substance abuse is a challenge, but for Larry Moliterno, CEO of Meridian HealthCare, it’s also an opportunity to witness progress by those taking advantage of treatment programs.

Fewer people are overdosing, Moliterno says. Yet staff at Meridian HealthCare has to keep up with the unrelenting scourge of substance abuse. The use of cocaine and other stimulants has been increasing, as has addiction to alcohol, he says.

Many overdoses the Meridian staff sees involve fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that’s upward of 100 times stronger than morphine, and often is used as a substitute for other opiates.

“The use of synthetic drugs continues to be an ongoing problem for our industry,” Moliterno says. “Often times, the testing becomes difficult and the testing is expensive for these types of drugs.”

Addiction is a disease and some people are predisposed to become addicted, Moliterno says.

“What we try to do is focus on the successes that we have. When we read in a newspaper about the tragic overdoses, every single one of those is definitely a tragedy for that person and their family,” he says. “What we see every day is people who are embracing recovery.”

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