Meridian Receives $10,000 from Mercy Health Foundation

Meridian HealthCare recently received $10,000 from the Mercy Health Foundation to help bridge the gap in insurance coverage for some of Meridian’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) patients.

Due to changing qualifications and eligibility of Medicare and Medicaid patients in Ohio, many of Meridian’s MAT patients are experiencing a gap in coverage when it comes to paying for their medication and dosing for suboxone and methadone. While the State of Ohio provides two programs, the Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary Program and the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program, which will help pay the Medicare monthly premiums and the Medicare deductible, it will not pay for any professional fee-for -service expenses including Medication Assisted Treatment. With help from the Mercy Health Foundation, Meridian will be able to provide 3,650 doses of MAT medication for the next year to our patients. This partnership will help individuals continue their recovery journey and take care of their overall health.