Meridian Receives $20,000 for MOMS Program from the Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation

Meridian HealthCare has received $20,000 from the Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation for Meridian’s Trumbull County Maternal Opiates Medical Support (MOMS) program. Meridian’s Trumbull County MOMS program, based out of Meridian’s Warren Office, was created to improve maternal and fetal health outcomes, improve family stability, and reduce costs of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) by providing treatment and support to pregnant mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. The program is a team-based healthcare delivery model that emphasizes care coordination and wrap-around services engaging expecting mothers, struggling with opioid use, in a combination of counseling, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and case management.

The MOMS Program also provides certain supplies that are pertinent to help the mother and baby through the early stages of pregnancy, during birth, after birth, and for the first year postpartum. Many times, the mother cannot afford items such as maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby bottle supplies, feminine hygiene products, diapers, blankets, car seats/strollers, assistance with transportation, and much more. The funding received from the Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation will help provide these necessary items and supplies!

The Trumbull Memorial Hospital Foundation was originally incorporated in 1976 as an Ohio nonprofit corporation, with its supported organization and sole member being Trumbull Memorial Hospital. In March 2009, the foundation, the hospital and Forum Health, along with other related entities, filed for bankruptcy protection. The funds are now used to support a broad range of healthcare services and healthcare education needs of Trumbull County residents.

“It is important for our donors and community to know that we have been good stewards of their money,” said Patrick Wilson, immediate past chairman of the TMHF board. “Every decision that our board made was centered on preserving these funds to be used to support the significant health issues that affect the residents of Trumbull County.”

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