Meridian Welcomes Chiropractic Specialist Dr. Michael Cafaro to the Meridian Team

Meridian HealthCare is excited to announce that Dr. Michael Cafaro, a Chiropractic Specialist, has joined Meridian’s healthcare team. Dr. Cafaro has over sixteen years of experience treating individuals with chronic pain and musculoskeletal system issues. Before joining Meridian, Dr. Cafaro owned his own private practice in Mineral Ridge.

“I’m excited to join the Meridian team,” said Dr. Cafaro. “They have a great medical team and I look forward to not only continuing to serve my current patients and the community, but also focusing my chiropractic services on helping those struggling with an addiction or mental health issue.”

Dr. Cafaro’s experience and expertise will allow Meridian to expand the services that they currently offer their patients. Chiropractic care can benefit patients struggling with a mental health or addiction issue by helping to decrease cravings for drugs or alcohol, decrease depression and anxiety, improve mental performance, lower cortisol levels and provide another option to treat chronic pain.

“Meridian is very fortunate to add Dr. Cafaro and his expertise to our healthcare team,” stated Meridian’s CEO Larry Moliterno. “Having the option to provide Chiropractic services for our patients is something we have been wanting to do for some time and Dr. Cafaro is the perfect fit.”

Meridian’s Main Office location at 527 N. Meridian Road will serve as Dr. Cafaro’s new office location. You can schedule appointments by calling 330-797-0070 and dial 3 for Chiropractic services.