Valley podcast series to talk with Valley leaders

A good leader – whether in business, in government or even a coach or teacher – is always learning.

“There are natural-born leaders,” said Larry Moliterno, CEO of Meridian HealthCare. “But everyone can learn new leadership techniques. And good leaders can learn to be even better.”

A lifetime fascination with different leadership styles has motivated Moliterno to start the Power of Care Leadership video and podcast series. Since June, Moliterno and producer George Farris have been videotaping local leaders in all areas of the community for the series.

“In order to thrive, communities need leaders in business, in government and in society as a whole,” he explains. “That’s why we started the Leadership Academy at Meridian HealthCare, and that’s why we started this project.”

According to Moliterno, leaders tend to have three traits in common. “First, they are always looking forward, planning and innovating for the future. Second, they tend to maintain a positive outlook — even when others do not, and even in the face of crisis and chaos. Third, they take responsibility for their actions. They don’t obsess about problems; rather, they focus on solutions.” This podcast series shines a light on the successful traits our local leaders use every day.

The first video and podcast in the Power of Care Leadership series will be released on Thursday, August 27. Kicking off the series is Joe Schiavoni, a local lawyer and former State Senator.

Video and podcast episodes in the series will be released on Tuesday and Thursday each week at

Viewers can subscribe to the videos, podcasts or both on the website. Videos are also available on the Power of Care Leadership YouTube channel. Podcasts are hosted on Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Spreaker, Stitcher, TuneIn and other platforms.

Future video podcasts will feature Julie Michael Smith; Vice President, Vista AST; Dr. James Kravek, Mercy Health Youngstown; Kisha Holloway, Owner, Fancey Boutique; Chris Jaskiewicz, CEO, Advantage Video; Joe Schiavoni, Attorney, former Ohio State Senator; Barb Ewing, CEO, Youngstown Business Incubator; Jeff Herrmann, CEO, Youngstown Publishing Co.; Aimee Fifarek, Executive Director, Public Library; Ellie Platt, owner, Platt Insurance; Greg Smith, CEO, Compco Industries; George Farris, CEO, Farris Marketing; Catherine Cerone Miller, Mayor, City of Struthers; and Bill Padisak, Board President of Meridian HealthCare.