Meridian HealthCare Receives $30,000 from Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) for Resident Advancement Program

Meridian HealthCare recently received $30,000 from Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH), through their Carol Mount Peterson Resident Development Fund, to help support Meridian’s Resident Advancement Program. OCCH works with their partners, throughout the State of Ohio, to serve and improve residents’ lives in four areas: education and empowerment for youth; health and engagement for seniors, employment advancement for adults; and stability for the most vulnerable residents.

Meridian’s Resident Advancement Program will focus on the residents living at the Commons at Madison, a two-story apartment complex with 40 one-bedroom permanent supportive housing units. The program will assist residents in reaching their personal, educational, or employment goals. The program will meet the residents’ basic needs, provide a computer lab, offer case management support, and organize ongoing trainings and educational classes.

“We are grateful for Ohio Capital’s support of this program for the residents living at the Commons at Madison, “stated Meridian’s CEO Larry Moliterno. “By providing the residents different levels of support, this program will be able to be tailored to meet each resident’s individual needs and advancement goals.”

Commons at Madison is a partnership of three premier mental health, substance abuse, housing, and social service providers – Meridian HealthCare, COMPASS Family & Community Services, and Help Network of Northeast Ohio. The housing facility allows for a unique opportunity for low-income individuals coping with mental illness, addiction disorder or co-occurring disorders to receive permanent supportive housing.