In 2020, Meridian Focused on Providing Patient Centered Care Through Telehealth

While 2020 brought a lot of uncertainty, Meridian HealthCare was able to continue to focus on patient centered care throughout the year. When COVID-19 hit in March, Meridian was able to transition their programming to telehealth – offering primary care and mental health services online, and addiction treatment online, when appropriate. Meridian continues to offer primary care and mental health services via telehealth to individuals who cannot make it to the office or feel more comfortable receiving care from the comfort of their own home.

In 2020, Meridian also saw the expansion of their Occupational Health program to include Chiropractic and Acupuncture services. Both Chiropractic treatment and Acupuncture can help increase function, reduce pain, and treat a patient’s overall health and wellness.

Over the last year, Meridian has continued to serve over 11,000 patients at their 13 locations in Mahoning and Trumbull County. Meridian’s workforce in 2020 included 189 full-time employees, 66 part-time, three contract employees and two interns.

Other significant events and developments for Meridian HealthCare in 2020 included:

  • Meridian’s fourth annual Winter Sprinter fundraising event was held at the Mill Creek Canfield Bike Trail in February – raising $6,000 for prevention and recovery in the Valley.
  • Meridian established the Power of Care Leadership Podcast, a weekly podcast/blog that interviewed community leaders who shared their thoughts, insights, and strategies on leadership and business.
  • Meridian partnered with Boardman Center Intermediate School to begin renovations on a new sensory room at the school, that will create a safe space for all students who may be struggling with behavioral or mental health issues process and cope with their feelings.