Employee Assistance Program

Everyone struggles with something. An employee facing problems in his or her life is distracted on the job, disruptive to co-workers, much more likely to call off sick and prone to work-related accidents.

We are here to help. Provided as a benefit to employees, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help employers improve worker morale and productivity.

  • Short-term Problem-Solving
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Assessments
  • Critical Incident Counseling

Who It’s For

WorkLife by Meridian’s EAP Services are a benefit to your employees who want or need to take advantage of short-term problem-solving for life events, workplace issues and personal problems.

How It Works

At the employee’s request or through supervisor referral, an employee, immediate family member or anyone living within the household can meet with a certified counselor outside of the work environment. There is no cost to the employee for this service.

The EAP specialist provides expert guidance to help resolve problems such as:

  • health
  • marital
  • family
  • financial
  • alcohol
  • drug
  • tobacco cessation
  • legal
  • emotional
  • co-worker issues
  • stress
  • other personal concerns

With this program in place, most problems affecting employee productivity can be resolved in just a few sessions. If the EAP Specialist feels referral to an outside agency is needed, the cost of these services may be covered by the employee’s health insurance. State and Federal laws strictly protect your employees’ confidentiality.

How It Benefits Your Company

A troubled employee is a less productive employee. With an EAP in place, you’ll see improvements in worker morale and productivity, less absenteeism and an improved bottom line.

Contact WorkLife by Meridian to learn more about an Employee Assistance Program.