Families Who Know

The issues facing kids today pose us with new and more difficult challenges.  When we talk to adults in the community most can say they cannot believe the issues kids have to face.  Many of the issues range from drugs and alcohol, depression, anxiety, bullying, cyber-bullying, and much more.  We have noticed parents are experiencing trouble dealing with many of these new challenges.

We know families are busy and that can make it difficult to find quality time to spend together.  Parents face the challenge of juggling not only their own schedules but also their children’s as well.  The access to cell phones, computers, and video games has allowed kids to zone out into their own worlds now more than ever.   Handling all these schedules and challenges can make it more difficult to spend meaningful time together.

Families Who Know will inform parents and kids of the latest trends they may have to face.  In order to keep informed with changing trends, topics will include drug and alcohol trends, bullying, depression, peer pressure, and much more.  This site will keep you up to date with information and the latest developments coming straight from experts in the field.  We also want to help keep parents informed so they are more prepared to have these tough conversations with their kids.

Our Youth and Young Adult team is comprised of Master’s level counselors and Prevention Specialists who spend time with kids on a daily basis, allowing them to keep up to date on new trends and drugs in the community.  We understand the importance of informing kids, parents, and community workers about these challenges in order to help avoid future difficulties.

An up to date calendar with local events that parents and kids can attend will be provided on this site.  We know the more time parents spend with their children the more comfortable children feel discussing these difficult topics with them.  Our goal is to provide an outlet for families to do just that.

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