PANDA Leaders Club

PANDA is a year-round program that includes camps, education groups, drug-free clubs, lock-ins, presentations and speakers.  Through peer support, students are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle, make positive choices and be comfortable with themselves. They also are leaders in their schools, forming action plans to address the areas of greatest need.

Empowering Students to Live Free!

PANDA Leaders Club is a program of Meridian HealthCare, the innovative nonprofit organization that has been saving lives and serving communities for over 40 years.

Empowering Through Knowledge

PANDA empowers kids and teens by giving them the knowledge to make responsible decisions about the issues that affect them most today: drugs and alcohol, bullying, depression, violence, self-injurious behavior, self-esteem, suicide and more.

Empowering Through Peer Support

In PANDA, kids are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle, make positive choices and be comfortable with themselves — not only through information but also through the friendship and support of others who feel the same way. Studies have shown that young people who are exposed to positive influences and experiences such as these are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol in their teen years.

Empowering Through Action

Through PANDA, students learn to become leaders in their schools, and to work together to find solutions that best fit their needs:

  • Club
    PANDA members meet regularly to discuss topics such as current events and local issues — with an emphasis on what they see immediately before them in their own schools.
  • Camp
    A number of students from the club are chosen to go to a 3–4 day camp where they receive intense training and learn valuable leadership and communication skills.
  • Plan
    At PANDA Camp, students form an action plan to combat the problems affecting students at their school.
  • Action
    All members of PANDA then help implement the plan through fundraisers, awareness campaigns, skits, and other community service initiatives. They also connect with PANDA members in other schools.

Meridian Scholarship Program

The Meridian Scholarship Program honors those students who have participated in the PANDA Leaders Club. These students have adhered to their promise to positively influence their peers and continually perpetuate the ideals, goals, and message of the PANDA program.

Click here to download the Meridian Scholarship 2016-2017 Scholarship Application


Starting a Panda Club

Meridian will partner with any school to implement a PANDA Leaders Club. We’ll help with the initial planning, and then provide training of students and teachers/advisors and ongoing consultation. We’ll be with you every step of the way as everyone works together to transform their school.

To find out more about starting a PANDA Leaders Club in your school, including innovative ways to fund the program, contact Meridian HealthCare at 330-797-0070, or fill in this Email form:

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