PANDA Leaders Club

PANDA is a year-round program that includes camps, education groups, clubs, lock-ins, presentations and speakers.  Through peer support, students are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle, make responsible choices and be comfortable with themselves. They also are leaders in their schools, helping to address the areas of greatest need.

Empowering Students to Live Free!

Empowering Through Knowledge

PANDA empowers students in grades 6-12 by presenting valuable information critical to responsible decision making in a fun and age-appropriate context. Discussion topics include drug and alcohol use, bullying, mental health issues, self-esteem, suicide prevention, online safety, peer pressure, healthy relationships, and much more!

Empowering Through Peer Support

Students in PANDA are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles, make responsible decisions and be comfortable with who they are; not only by Meridian’s staff of credentialed educators, but by fellow students who are equally passionate about supporting each other. Scientific studies demonstrate that young people who spend time with positive influences and engage in programs and activities such as PANDA are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol in later teen years.

Empowering Through Action

PANDA trains students to be active leaders in their schools and communities. Members help implement awareness events, perform skits, a nd participate in community service initiatives to help create positive, healthier environments.

Meridian Scholarship Program

The Meridian Scholarship Program honors those students who have participated in the PANDA Leaders Club. These students have adhered to their promise to positively influence their peers and continually perpetuate the ideals, goals, and message of the PANDA program. Contact Us for more information on the Meridian Scholarship.


Starting a Panda Club

Meridian Educators partner with your school to implement PANDA Leaders Clubs. we help with the initial club planning and organization, facilitate club meetings and special events, and meet with any teachers, counselors, parents and school administration to provide ongoing support and consultation. Students can look forward to numerous yearly events including lock-ins, PANDA gatherings, and activities tailored to fit the needs of your school.

To find out more about starting a PANDA Leaders Club in your school, including innovative ways to fund the program, contact Meridian HealthCare at 330-797-0070, or fill in this Email form:

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