Co-Occurring Treatment

Meridian’s Co-Occurring Treatment Program is an outpatient program designed to help adults who are dealing with substance use and mental health issues at the same time. We have counselors on staff with specialized degrees and training that allow us to address both problem areas simultaneously.

Formerly known as the SAMI (Substance Abuse and Mental Illness) Program, our program uses integrated treatment methods to help people in recovery for co-occurring disorders in one setting at the same time. Treatment services combine medical, counseling, education and social intervention to address the needs of clients and their family members. Free consultations are available for individuals and/or families.

Program Services

Case Management and Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST)

Co-Occurring Treatment Case Management and CPST services assist the client in several aspects of life, including helping with financial management, housing, family and access to community resources. The services focus on individuals’ ability to succeed in the community.

Counseling Services

The Meridian team provides integrated substance use and mental health counseling (both individual and group). Focusing upon both at the same time increases the likelihood of stabilization and dual recovery. The team evaluates the individual’s readiness for change and utilizes stage-wise treatment* for both individual and group services.

Medical/Psychiatric Services

The Co-Occurring Team includes a psychiatrist to provide psychiatric services for any client in need of this service. Meridian’s team also includes doctors with specialization in addiction medicine.

Assertive Outreach

Assertive Outreach is a component of the Co-Occurring Program provided to those in need of this service. Clients are given practical assistance with daily living skills and needs through the program. This helps keep them engaged in relationships with service providers, family members, friends and other support persons. The goal is to enhance trust and build a working alliance with others.

* Stage-wise Treatment is a key component of the integrated treatment program. It recognizes that people go through different stages on their way to recovery, and that each person progresses at his or her own rate.


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