Family Programs

The Meridian Family Program consists of consultations, educational group topics, and individual family counseling. The Family Program is tailored to assist clients and their loved ones in improving relationship development while providing information on the disease of addiction. The Family Program is available to all clients and their loved ones, sponsors or members of their primary support group.

Programs and Services

Group Sessions

These sessions are held once weekly in the evenings. Group discussion topics include:

  • The Nature of Addiction
  • Stages of Change and the Family Stages of Recovery
  • Co-dependency/Enabling
  • Al-Anon (a support group for families dealing with addiction)
  • Relapse Prevention

Individual Family Counseling

These sessions are held at the client/family member’s convenience. Individual family counseling is designed to provide insight and assist in relationship development.


This service is provided to assist the client’s family members, loved ones or members of their primary support group in gaining insight regarding the disease of addiction and services offered in treatment. Additionally, information regarding the Family Program, referrals to counseling and information on Al-Anon are provided.

Common Questions and Answers