Short-Term Counseling

Meridian’s Short-Term Counseling is a service that provides help for individuals, couples, or families who are in need of assistance in coping with a recent life stressor. This program focuses on individualized treatment aimed at enhancing individual strengths, coping skills and personal well-being. Treatment Services combine counseling and practical techniques to address the needs of clients and their family members. Free consultations are available for individuals and/or families.

Programs and Services

Services begin with a thorough assessment that helps to clarify the problem and explore what caused it to occur. The client then works with a Master Licensed Counselor one-on-one to develop specific goals, which are included in the Individualized Treatment Plan. Some commonly treated issues include adjustment to life transitions, coping with a loved one who suffers from addiction, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and grief. Individual Short-Term Counseling is provided for both individuals and family members to ensure full involvement, support and awareness of the Individualized Treatment Plan.

Common Questions and Answers