Veterans Services

Meridian’s Veterans Program is a two-year transitional housing facility that serves homeless, single men who are Veterans with an addiction or mental health diagnosis, including dual diagnosis. The program provides a therapeutic community where residents can share common goals of improving their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, while living independently.


All residents are required to participate in services parallel with their needs. These include treatment, case management, vocational programming, rehab, life skill development, and random urine drug screens. They are also required to attend support group meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Gambling Anonymous, etc.

Download a list of Narcotics Anonymous meetings

Case Management

Each resident will be assigned a Case Manager. They must check in with their case manager at least once per week, but he or she will be available throughout the week to meet as often as the individual needs.


  • Must be homeless by HUD standards
  • Must have an addiction or mental health diagnosis
  • No violent criminal record or sex offender
  • Must be a Veteran having served active duty per VA standards
  • Rent is based on 30% of the tenant’s monthly income (if applicable)


  • Seven single-occupancy rooms
  • Furnished with bed, dresser and sink in each room
  • A common living area , kitchen and large outdoor deck
  • Access to computer with internet. Wi-Fi also available
  • Community bathrooms (2) and laundry room on site
  • Monthly bus passes provided
  • Residents are allowed to bring in additional items for their rooms pending approval