Mental Health Problems

At what point are everyday stress and anxiety too much?

You don’t have to feel that way! With help from Meridian, you can learn to handle the anxiety and stress life is giving you.


Our counselors are trained in evidenced-based therapeutic techniques that can help with:

  •   Depression
  •   Anxiety /Panic
  •   Stress
  •   Major life changes (divorce, death, birth, adoption, etc.)
  •   Complicated grief
  •   Phobias
  •   PTSD and other trauma
  •   Personality disorders
  •   Pain disorders
  •   Disturbing memories

How to Refer?

If you would like to schedule an appointment for find out more information about life stressors, please call our Boardman or Howland locations.


Boardman Office
8255 South Ave
Youngstown, OH 44512
Phone – 330.318.3830

Howland Office
1950 Niles-Cortland Road., NE
Warren, OH 44484
Phone – 330.318.3911

Meridian HealthCare also offers a Co-Occurring Treatment Program to address addiction and mental health issues simultaneously.

Common Questions and Answers

Who would benefit from these services?

Individuals may be self-referred or referred by family, friends, community organizations, or other programs within Meridian. These services can include counseling for individuals, families, or couples. Anyone who is need of assistance in coping with a stressor can benefit from receiving this service.

What is the benefit of this program?

The counselor and individual work collaboratively to resolve the individual’s issues and enhance his or her overall well-being. Meridian employees are among the most qualified in the area. They support a strength-based empowerment model that encourages and allows for positive change and growth while focusing on the individual’s strengths throughout counseling.

How long is the program?

This program offers time-limited services that provide realistic, reasonable relief as quickly as possible. The duration of this type of counseling can range from 8 to 12 sessions, depending on each individual’s need. These sessions are typically 50 minutes long.

What is the cost?

Meridian accepts Medicaid, private insurance, and self-pay, which is based on a sliding scale according to your income. There is a limited amount of funds available for patients without a payer source, based on their location.